We aspire to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine. To earn and maintain the trust of patients, we continually review and strengthen our policies and practices.

Our team’s ultimate purpose is explore better and less painful Iran by generating more effective drugs especially via cooperation with leading advanced countries in pharmaceutical industry all over the world.

In this regard, with deep roots in pharmaceutical industry, we supply services that meet the highest requirements for quality and security.

R&D department

R&D department the goal of being powerful and more experienced is followed. We constantly evaluate the national and international requirements in medicine field and explore new opportunities to improve ourselves. We pursue not only certain drug category or medication but also try to develop our facilities according to the newest methods of drug industrials to prepare more effective products. In this purpose we have prepared ourselves to be more flexible for any changes owing to the fact that we step along with the world technology.

R&D program:

Our current focus is on formulation of liquid products but research at FMC pharmaceutical does not limit to liquids. In our professional research team, we follow up a detailed program in formulation of new approved solid dosage form products and related active pharmaceutical ingredients. Also, our newest area of research includes formulation of anti-cancer products and nanostructure medicines.

Side activities:

Together with industrial activities we are collaborating on academic researches to achieve new ideas in advance and effective methods of drug delivery. The results of this program are published as patent or scientific articles in international journals. In this way we always welcome new thoughts and ideas in this area.


Ebad Asadi, PhD

President of R&D department

Dr. Ebad Asadi is appointed as research and development department. He currently leads a professional team in FMC pharmaceutical Co. With respect to the policy of university and industry linkage, he has gathered professional R&D researchers with outstanding background industrial in drug formulation with privileged academic researchers. This policy has helped this department to be successful at previous and ongoing projects.

Dr. Asadi received his M.Sc. from Amirkabir University of technology. He followed academic study as joint-PhD students in Miami University (Florida) and Amirkabir University of technology. Now he is a postdoctoral fellow researcher and work on advanced drug formulation methods. He was awarded as top researcher and top student in M.Sc and Ph.D. courses and has published many research articles, books and international seminar during recent years.