About Us

Fanavar mobtaker Caspian [FMC] is a private limited science-research-based organization, consisting of youthful reliable scientists in global scale, operating in Sari, Iran. (Located at the southern of Caspian Sea)

In this regard our endeavor is:

  • Continuous connection and integration with related organizations worldwide, to obtain the highest standards.
  • Close collaboration with API suppliers and formulation provisions.
  • Cooperation with leading R&D organizations to prepare material samples and new formulations.

Business model at FMC:

FMC’s Market Development goal is to extend the presence of FMC products beyond our geographical borders. We believe in open and honest collaborations which can create mutual value.

In this regard our business model is:

  • Out-licensing
  • In-licensing
  • Supply and Distribution (API and Finished Product)
  • Agency
  • Technology Transfer
  • R&D Partnering (Research Collaboration and Co-Development)
  • Joint-Venture
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Acquisitions and Investment


Highest quality needs to improve and develop technology and process criteria. So in technology we improved our production process, analytical methods and implementation of new techniques and technologies with the aim of better yield and highest quality and efficiency.

Scientific Collaboration:

FMC was founded based on research and development of modified versions of latest pharmaceutical products. We believe that faster and better research and development activity realize based on good scientific collaboration with research centers and researchers around the world. Therefore regarding our mission we have constructive scientific partnership and collaboration with youthful reliable scientists in global scale.

College in industry:

This newborn idea is regarding to assist aspiring and active students in developing great ideas into industry. With strong lab equipment and instruments FMC presents rich opportunities for new invention and problem solving ideas for the real existing industry. The main purpose is to satisfy the vital need of science and industry combination. Using proven content, methods, and models alongside of FMC’s experienced scientists’ guidelines, FMC’s students will learn how to:

* Identify and analyze opportunities of pharmaceutical industry;

* Enhance their own entrepreneurial mindset;

* Improve their strategic decision-making;

* Build innovative pharma-business models.

Our goal is to demystify the newborn not raised ideas, and to help build the skills to identify and act on innovative opportunities in the future.

FMC in line with its social responsibility grant research thesis about pharmaceutical industry and pain killers for patients suffer from painful diseases.


FMC plant is built up in 17000 m² area with 19900 m² foundation with total investment 71.5 billion $.

Our products are manufactured in premises that meet all the environmental regulations for this industry. The facility design, materials, finishing and flows meet all the highest quality standards in global level for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

FMC project is planned in 3 different phases:

Phase 1:

It is dedicated to injection products, with 5 production sites and 9 modified lines.

Operated on 6600 m2 wide area with 5700 m2 construction containing:

  • 2700 m2 production cleanroom
  • 800 m² cleanroom based storage
  • 900 m² installations and support
  • 600 m² official space

Operation date:



With annual production capability 150 million of injections including:

  Production line   Annual production (million)



Production cleanroom (m2) Investment value ($)
1 general ampoules   100 1- 10 1500 10 million
2 General Vials Liquid 15 15- 100 300 5 million
3 Anti neoplastic Vials Liquid 15 1-100 300 6 million



Liquid 10 1-100 300 6 million




Liquid 10 5-200 300 3.5 million
      150   2700 30.5 million




As a science research based organization it’s our honor to invest 5 million $ in R&D section.

It is significant that all of these 5 sites are designed and set up based on FDA guidelines.

This phase will recruit 140 individuals including experts and professional workers.


Phase 2:

Operated on 5000 m2 wide area with 7000 m2 construction dedicated to solid products containing:

Pills, Capsuled, Sachet, oral powders, gel capsules,….

With annual 13 billion units production capacity with 17 million $ total investment.

Operation date:


This phase will recruit 120 individuals including experts and professional workers.


Phase 3:

Operated on 5400 m2 wide area with 7200 m2 construction dedicated to the rest forms of drugs to complete the products’ collection containing:

Syrup, suspension, ointment, local and inhaler spray,…

There will be research center for all interested scientists and researcher by the side of complex’s institute with top notch laboratories to develop existing products and new replacing drugs With 19 million $ total investment.

Operation date:


This phase will recruit 140 individuals including scientists, researcher and  professional workers.